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All schematic locations of Dead Space

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the Schematic locations of dead space It gets missed easily, especially during the first playthrough when you’re not familiar with Ishimura’s dark corners. Early on in your time aboard the massive mining ship, you will have to scavenge for supplies in the environment. However, once found, Dead Space blueprints can be returned to the shop, making essential items available for purchase at any time in the shop.

It’s worth noting that this list of Dead Space schematic locations does not include those for Dead Space weapon upgrades and suit upgrades, as we have separate guides for those locations. Instead, these blueprints are about more general supplies (such as ammo and health packs) that can make a huge difference when facing off against Dead Space leviathan and other fearsome forms in one of the best PC games of 2023.

Dead Space Schematic Locations: Isaac Clarke stands at the entrance to the Ishimura Clinic in front of a row of waiting room benches bearing a chart, the wall behind them decorated with graffiti that reads,

All schematic locations of Dead Space

Here are all of the schematic locations in Dead Space, in order of appearance:

  • Pulse rounds: It is located on the workbench on the left side of the coolant pipelines on the medical deck in Chapter 2.
  • slack package: It sits on a bench to the right of the main change lab on the medical deck in Chapter 2. If you’re counting on Stasis to help you through encounters, be sure to pick up the Dead Space Report on the bridge to unlock upgrades.
  • medium pack: It is located in a locker within the room labeled To Centrifuge adjacent to the decontamination room on the engineering deck in Chapter 3.
  • crusher blades: It is located on the floor in the fuel hold, next to the second elevator on the engineering deck in Class 3.
  • flamethrower fuel: He is located in the chair next to the engine baseboard inside the engine room on the engineering deck in Chapter 3.
  • Line shelves: It’s on the desk in Dr. B Warwick’s Office CPO on the medical deck in Chapter 5. In order to access this room, you must have reached Dead Space Security Clearance level 2.
  • Force strength: It is located between two electrical traps in the air clearing tower on the hydroponics deck in Chapter 6. Use your knee to get past the first trap blocking your path.
  • Power connection: It is located on the coffee table inside the locked room in Deck Treatment B on the mining deck in Chapter 7. Shoot the lock visible through the broken window to get into the room.
  • oxygen tank: It’s located on the Platform Storage workbench, which itself is inside the refueling control stations on the engineering deck in Chapter 8. Again, you’ll need clearance level 2 before you can access this room.
  • Big Med Pack: It is located on the desk at the entrance to the infirmary in USM Valor in Chapter 9.

Once you’ve found all of the Dead Space schematic locations in the horror game, you’ll be rewarded with the ‘Merchant’ achievement. You can also expect a new Dead Space game to start as well as everything available for purchase from the get-go, which definitely makes things easier when hunting down the parts of the Dead Space tab to unlock the alternate ending. If you’re partial to collectibles, don’t miss out on exploring the elusive Dead Space Peng treasure, or outrunning the Dead Space Master, who can break any lock that stands between you and deep space loot.


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