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Diablo 4 Barbarian skills, talents and rage explained

I’m looking for a list Diablo 4 barbarian skills And talents so you can formulate theory before launch? The Barbarian is a firm fan favorite, and Diablo 4 promises plenty of brutal executions and bulging biceps. While we already have some expectations of how this class will perform, it also means that any mods, changes, or new skills and talents will be a little more exciting.

The Diablo 4 release date is fast approaching, and we’ve got plenty of details on the five Diablo 4 classes we can expect to choose from when creating our character. We’ve also been getting some hints that there might be some new classes on the horizon as well. Without further ado, here’s everything we know about the barbarian class so far.

When reading this breakdown of Diablo 4 Barbarian skills and talents, it’s important to note that the numerical numbers associated with each skill are a placeholder for the sake of comparison. Depending on other factors, many of these numbers will change, but these stats provide vital context for how powerful each skill is.

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Diablo 4 basic skills

The basic skill will be the left click attack. They’ll generate fury for you to use on your Fury abilities (which we explore more below). It will be the thing you use most in combat, so it is arguably the most important slot to think about. The numbers in these examples aren’t static – they’re just the ones seen in the demo from BlizzCon 2019 and are good for comparison’s sake.


Nine Fury is born. Hit the enemy with your weapon, inflict physical damage. Has a 20% chance of being stunned for 0.5 seconds. Requires a club weapon and scales with the Berserker skill.


Nine Fury is born. Crush the enemy, inflict physical damage and bleed within six seconds. Requires a slashing weapon and scales with the skill of a warlord.


Five Furies are born. Unleash a rapid wave of blows, dealing physical damage with each pair of blows. Increased your attack speed by 20% for three seconds, up to 60%. Requires dual-wielding weapons and gauges with the Berserker skill.

Lung stroke

Nine Fury is born. Dash forward and hit an enemy for physical damage. Scales with the skill of warlords.

Diablo 4 Barbarian - A barbarian leaps high into the air with his weapon charging to attack against the demons below.

Anger skills

A familiar face to former Diablo players, this is the push-pull aspect of being a barbarian. Surprisingly, it takes a lot of resource management and forward thinking about which capability is most useful in this situation. Fury is a resource that you generate through your basic skills. Rage skills will eliminate the rage you generate, so it would be a good idea to pay attention not only to your needs but also to those of your party.


It costs 25 fury. Slash enemies in front of the barbarian, dealing physical damage and bleeding physical damage for 5 seconds. Requires a slashing weapon and gauges with the Berserker skill.

ancient hammer

It costs 20 fury. Slam your hammer with Wrath of the Ancients, dealing physical damage with a focused area. It requires a two-handed club weapon and scales with the skill of a warlord.

Double swing

It costs 25 fury. Sweep your weapons from opposite directions, dealing physical damage to each weapon. Enemies caught in the middle get hit by both. Requires dual-wielding weapons and scales with the skill of a warlord.


Cost 30 fury. Rip the ground with your weapon and hurl debris forward, dealing physical damage. Requires a two-handed weapon and scales with the Berserker skill.


It costs five furies per second. Quickly attack nearby enemies to get physical damage per tick. This skill is channeled, can be cast on the fly, and matches the Warlord skill.

Diablo 4 barbarian class - a barbarian that hits the monster with all its axes.

Defensive skill

Defensive skills can also generate rage, though the cooldown of these skills makes them a secondary resource. These skills are good for buffing yourself and your team, should you choose to have one, and they’re generally quite versatile.

Crowd Yelp

Generates ten furies and has a cooldown time of 20 seconds. Go wild, and grant all allies unstoppable, making them immune to crowd control. It also gives them a 15% increase in movement speed, and a 15% reduction in damage taken for six seconds. This skill breaks the effects of crowd control and can be used while controlling crowds. Scales with the skill of warlords.

The keyword “unstoppable” means to remove or prevent all influences that hinder control.

Stomp the ground

Spawns six rages and has a cooldown of 15 seconds. Crush the ground, and stun nearby enemies for four seconds. Evolve with the Berserker skill.

Undying anger

This passive move is activated when you deal fatal damage. This gives you five extra seconds to fight for your life. Killing the enemy in time will revive and heal the barbarian. This effect has a cooldown of 175 seconds.

Using this passive voice means sacrificing an opening for an opportunity To survive whatever kills you. We’ll have to see if the sacrifice is worth it.

Challenge shout

This skill has a cooldown of 25 seconds. Once activated, barricade yourself for eight seconds and taunt nearby enemies for eight seconds. During this time, five additional Rage are generated when hit.

The keyword “immunization” means that characters will take 30% less damage until all of their fortified health is removed.

Brawl skill

Barbarians love to get up close and personal with their enemies, and the brawl skill is excellent at showing that. All of these skills are close combat specializations.


He has a 20 second cooldown. Kick an enemy for physical damage and knock them back. Upon impact, enemies in the area take additional physical damage. Evolve with the Berserker skill.

War cry

Generates 11 Rage and has a cooldown period. The bellow of a strong war cry. You and nearby allies deal 3.6% increased damage to each enemy nearby for ten seconds, up to 50%.

a step

Has a 15-second cooldown. Jumps forward and rolls down, dealing physical damage on impact. Upgrades with Berserker skill.

This is the standard melee attack. There’s nothing particularly exciting about the ability, but it could potentially be useful for taking down some of the larger enemies you might encounter. Good for both engaging in combat and disengaging if you need to.


Lunge forward and push enemies, then swing through it for physical damage. Evolve with the Berserker skill.

skilled in arms

Given that this is weapon proficiency, and we don’t know much about weapons in Diablo 4 yet, these skills are more of a puzzle – we’re even missing one. Two-handed slashing weapons seem to be the barbarian focus, so we’ll be watching for any of those on the horizon.

Primitive axe

“Recharge: 20 seconds. Throw your weapon with a chain link, dealing 53-65 and attracting enemies. Deals physical damage.”


The third hole has a “tear”. “Cooldown: 10 seconds. Skewer enemies in 1 line, dealing 1053 Bleeds within 3 seconds. If an enemy dies while bleeding, cooldown is reset. Requires a two-handed slashing weapon. Inflicts physical damage.”


“Cooldown: 15 seconds. Attempt a killing blow, deal 85-104 to enemies in front of you. If this kills an enemy, the cooldown is reset. Requires a two-handed slashing weapon. Deals physical damage.”

mystery slot

This slot wasn’t filled in the demo, and so we don’t know what will be here when the game finally comes out. It may be unlockable later, but for now, it’s just a mystery.


Ah, the final. Scary up close, but always with a significant slowdown compared to the rest of your skills. Again, we’re missing one of the slots in the demo, so we’re curious as to what’s hidden from us.

Berserker Fury

Generates 30 Rage and has a 60-second cooldown. Go berserk for 15 seconds. Every 20 Rage spent increases effects by 25%. Berserk increases damage by an additional 25% and movement speed by 30%. Berserker is a shape-shifting skill.

Call of the Ancients

He has a 75 second cooldown. Ask the ancients to help you battle for 12 seconds. They deal physical damage, range with Warlord skill, and get summoned.

Iron spiral

50 second cooldown period. Spin your weapon around a chain, constantly dealing massive physical damage. It requires a two-handed weapon and measures with the skill of a warlord.

mystery slot

Another slot whose contents we don’t know. Since we do not know when Diablo 4 will be released, it is uncertain when this will be revealed.

Talent Tree

The talent tree is where you spend your points to upgrade certain parts of your build. Now the barbarian talent tree has two aspects, listing these talents. The guide goes through the tree as it appears, in the order of progression.

left side

  • Speed: Movement speed increased by 3% (five ranks).
  • Endless Fury: Rage generation is increased by 2% for each point (five ranks).
  • Challenge the pain: When you dodge, you get 4% damage reduction per point for 1 second (five ranks).
  • fierce feisty: Attack speed is increased by 2% per point while using one-handed weapons. Critical hit damage increases by 6% per point while using two-handed weapons (five ranks).
  • blood thirst: Enemies bleed 4% crit damage per point within five seconds (five ranks).
  • Rapid heartbeat: While moving, damage reduction is increased by 4% per point. (five ranks)
  • Killing stroke: Damage increases by 8% per point against enemies below 30% health (five ranks).
  • Cut to the bone: Stunning an enemy increases the bleeding damage they receive by 4% per point for three seconds (five ranks).
  • Battle Frenzy: Using the Brawling Berserk skill grants 1 second per point. Duration increases with additional points (five ranks).
  • Paid: Strike Effect: Up to 20% chance to generate five Rage. Generated rage increases by bonus points (five ranks).
  • gushing wounds: Bleeding effect deals 45% more damage (rank 1).
  • Unstoppable force: Berserking grants unstoppable damage and 15% buff (1 rank).

the right side

  • to bear: While out of combat, get four lives per point per second (five ranks).
  • Combat power: Damage reduction increased by 4% per point (five ranks).
  • resounding voice: Scream Duration increases by 10% for each point (five ranks).
  • thick skin: Intangible damage reduction increased by 5% per point (five ranks).
  • concussion: Enemies hit by your fighting skills are slowed by 10% for each point for five seconds (five ranks).
  • Weapon master: After using the Weapon Mastery skill, the next Rage skill becomes free and deals 5% increased damage per point (five ranks).
  • strong hit: Up to 3% chance per hit point to knock down enemies (five ranks).
  • guttural cry: Your shouts deal 10% less damage to enemies per point for five seconds (five ranks).
  • Close Quarters Warrior: You deal 3% increased damage per point to enemies within melee range, but take an additional 1% damage per point from enemies outside melee range (five ranks).
  • Combat prowess: Damage increased by 2% per point against crippled, stunned, or slowed enemies (five ranks).
  • Unbridled rage: Rage skills deal 130% more damage but cost 100% more Rage to use. (1 rank)
  • Powerball Walk: Using a different weapon increases damage by 8% for eight seconds, up to 32% (rank one).

And that’s all the skills and talents we’ve seen so far for the Barbarian class in Diablo 4. If you prefer to chop and change between different classes, we also have the lowdown on the Diablo 4 Druid class, Necromancer class, Sorceress class, and Rogue class skills, so you can prioritize any One plays first. In the meantime, check out our list of the best PC games if you’re looking for something to tide you over before the Diablo 4 launch date.


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