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Guide to the best razor weapons and artifacts

Best weapons and razor artifacts 3

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Razor, everyone’s favorite wolf boy, is a 4-star electric character with a variety of playstyles. He was one of the original 4-star characters that were introduced to the game, so I fell a bit behind. But that doesn’t mean Razor isn’t a viable character. Razor has a few tips and tricks of its own thanks to its high multipliers to normal attack and its unique Elemental Burst which adds some electrical damage in addition to physical damage. Razor is a physical DMG, so we have to build him up and enable his natural attack as much as possible. Here we have it Genshin effect A guide to the best weapons and shaving artifacts to help you build the best werewolf boy possible.

NB: For more information about the game, check out our website Genshin effect Axis manual and features.

Genshin effect The best weapons and artifacts

Razor’s best weapon options

Wolf’s tombstone – The Wolf’s Gravestone is Razor’s best 5-star weapon. This weapon increases the blade’s attack by an enormous amount, with 608 base attack plus an additional 49.6% attack boost. Passive is another massive attack boost, increasing Razor’s attack by a fixed 20%. When hitting enemies below 30% health, your entire party’s attack will increase by else 40%. With the huge amount of attack boosts, you’ll do massive damage, and you can focus on other stats for your artifacts. For alternatives, you can use broken song Pines, which increases the physical damage to the razor. (Overall, this weapon is inferior because it does not enable Razor’s Electro DMG, which should not be underestimated.)

spine snake – The Serpent Spine is Razor’s best 4-star option and is the best option for low spenders who don’t have access to Wolf’s Gravestone or other 5-star weapons. While this weapon is not F2P friendly, as you’ll need to spend money for the Battle Pass to unlock this weapon, the Serpent Spine raises Razor’s Crit mod by a significant amount while also increasing Razor’s flat DMG significantly. This weapon gets more powerful the more upgrades you unlock.

stone blade – Razor’s best F2P compatible option is the Lithic Blade. This weapon increases Razor’s attack by a significant amount, 510 base attack and an additional boost of 41.3%, and the Unknown can improve Razor’s stats even more.

Best weapons and artifacts for Razor 1

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The best razor artifact options

pale flame

  • Two-piece bonus: Physical damage bonus +25%.
  • Bonus 4 pcs: When an elemental skill hits an opponent, ATK increases by 9% for 7s. This effect stacks up to 2 times and can be triggered once every 0.3 seconds. Once you reach 2 combinations, the effect of 2 combinations increases by 100%.

This is Razor’s best toolkit and is generally a ready-made kit for physical DMG dealers. The physical damage bonus plus the attack stat makes Pale Flame Razor the best deck.

Gladiator finale

  • Bonus of two pieces: ATK + 18%.
  • 4-piece bonus: If the wielder of this artifact uses Sword, Claymore, or Polearm, it increases normal attack damage by 35%.

This is another great set for Razor. This is a viable option because it increases Razor’s Normal Attack DMG damage, which is where the majority of Razor’s DMG damage will come from.

Best weapons and razor artifacts 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion


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