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Harem Men | Which consort can win Latil’s heart?

After Latil Tarium wins the throne, the first order he gives is to create a Harem of Men, his official consort and concubines, with 5 men who can offer him body and soul.

After the order was passed, people were amazed and wondered why Latil wanted to create a harem. He harem men is an ongoing webtoon series created by HereLee and Alphatart.

The Taroum Kingdom entered into peace, which created the current situation where Latil needed to choose an eligible person to become his Royal Consort.

Latil shocked everyone when he declared that he will choose 5 men from different walks of life who can join his harem.

The real question is which consort are you rooting for and who can win Latil’s heart? Will Latil be able to keep the peace in the harem?

Let’s meet the consort candidates, shall we? Too many beautiful men, or Ikemen waiting for Latil, but who really wants to win her heart and not her power?

sir son

a couple walking together while their friends laugh

Although we wish sir son In order to be with Latil, she chose not to reveal her feelings and stay closer to Latil to protect her.

Sir Sonnaight is not a harem candidate, but he feels like the best person as a love interest who only has Latil’s best interest and always protects her.

It’s sad that Latil doesn’t consider him a romantic interest. Sonnaught is the captain of the imperial guard and a friend of Latil’s older brother, Raean.

harem candidates

Klein Abisinaugh Karisen

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Latil met Klein Abisinaugh Karisen in Karisen’s Hyacinth wedding. Latil was still heartbroken by Hyacinth’s betrayal.

Drunk, she met Klein Abisinaugh Karisen before the wedding. Little did she know at the time, that Klein was Hyacinth’s younger brother.

Klein is under the illusion that Latil is head over heels in love with him, and not realizing that Hyacinth and Latil shared the story together, it wasn’t until much later that Hyacinth decided to stab Latil in the back.

Latil sent a harem invite to Hyacinth’s country, as they are in a strategic alliance and each nation sends an eligible bachelor.

Latil wanted to annoy Hyacinth.

Not even Latil had expected Klein to appear in the harem as a consort candidate.

Klein was disappointed that Latil did not visit him even once when he entered the harem.

Klein is the prince of Karisen and hailed as the most beautiful man in Karisen.

Ranamun Brautuscha of Atraxil

a man reading an adult book

Duke Atraxil he is one of Latil’s loyal servants and supporters. He helped Latil secure the throne against his half-brother Thula.

Duke Atraxil proposed and waited for his son. Ranamun Brautuscha of Atraxil to become the royal consort when he didn’t know that Latil was planning to take 5 people in his harem.

Initially, Ranamun was against the idea of ​​entering Latil’s harem, but when Latil declared the consortial conditions, I guess it hurt Ranamun’s ego.

Ranamun was determined to join and the harem and he wanted so badly to win Latil’s heart and body that he wanted to be good in bed.

Ranamun is hailed as the most beautiful man in Tarium. Good luck Ranamun.

Guesta Rhodes

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Latil and Guesta Rhodes They had known each other since they were children. Guesta Rhodes is the second son of the Tarium Chancellor.

Not much is known about him at this time. Guesta Rhodes was shown as a meek and shy boy who often hid from Latil when they were young.

Guesta Rhodes is seen as the least threat in the harem, but surprisingly that’s not all in her looks.

He pretends to be a weak, gentle and submissive guy, but can he be hiding his true dangerous personality? Pretending to be weak is a farce, I guess time will tell.

Latil is worried about Guesta, but even she is not aware of his true personality.

Tasir Anghes

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Latil wanted to test the harem candidates and went to meet Tasir Anghes. They had quite a pleasant meeting.

Tasir Anghes is the heir to the Anghes negotiation company that is quite influential and rich in Tarium. His influence is seen even outside the country.

Tasir is a cunning, handsome and cunning man who cannot be controlled.

He can see through the deception and was the first person to speculate that Guesta Rhodes is faking his personality.

Not only that he was able to deduce that Latil and Hyancith have a history, and Klein is unaware of the truth.

That’s not the only thing that makes Tasir Anghes interesting.

Tasir is associated with a secret organization that was commissioned by the Emperor of Tarium, secretly tasked with protecting the kingdom.

Initially, Anghes and his organization were dubious and suspected that Latil had participated in the assassination of the previous emperor.

Tasir entered the harem to legitimize the family and connect with royal blood through political marriage.


a muscular man posing for a photo

The most mysterious man in Latil’s harem is carleina. Like other candidates, Latil visited Carlein but never got to meet him.

Carlein is an assassin, considered the king of mercenaries. He is the leader of the Mercenary Black Repairs.

His motive for joining the harem is still unknown, but his mysterious personality is worth keeping in mind.

When Latil visited Calein, she was performing in a master-slave scenario. He’s hiding something, but his motives are hard to figure out.

Whether it’s an ally or a threat, only time will tell.

Webtoon Harem Men | Can Latil win the throne?

What happens when Latil Tarium is betrayed by her lover Hyacinth, the next Emperor of Karisen?


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