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Horses in Dragon Age have been lying to you

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Dragon Age creative director John Epler revealed that the game’s horses have been lying to us all along, thanks to the magic of creative thinking and camera angles.

in the lead-up Dragon Age 4More and more gems are falling around the beloved action RPG game Inquisition in Dragon Age. in twitter mail (Opens in a new tab)Epler dropped some hard facts about how running on a horse didn’t make you go faster.

In fact, the BioWare game engine was used for development Inquisition in Dragon Age Frostbite called “Can’t stream the levels fast enough,” Epler said. This means that the team had to change the camera angle and add speed lines when you started galloping your horse to make it feel as if you were faster.

Engine failure

Landscape of the Inquisition in the Dragon Age

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

This isn’t the only time the Frostbite development team has failed. according to [report] Made by Kotaku, the engine has been the bane of having so many developers. “Frostbite is like an internal engine with all the issues involved — it’s poorly documented, hacked together, etc. — with all the engine issues from external sources,” said a former BioWare employee.

BioWare has also used Frostbite in its massively multiplayer online RPG National anthem. This engine could make massive, mind-boggling levels, but it wasn’t equipped to handle the tiniest of details. This forced the team to cut back on many features that could not work because of the engine.

More lies

While the lie about horse speeds is certainly reality-shattering to me, it’s not the only slip-up Inquisition in Dragon Age. This RPG has a rather complex storyline with rogue magi, civil war, and a space-bending rift that breaks a hole in the boundary between the physical world and the Fade, a place of spirits and demons. But one of the most important plot points is the mark left on your character’s hand, the only thing capable of bridging said controversies.

River Inquisition in Dragon Age

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

As you might guess, this vibrant green marker endows your hero with immediate main character qualities and pushes him into the heart of this violent story. So I was surprised to see this distinctive and powerful mark on the wrong hand all over Dragon Age Inquisition’s marketing materials. In the stickers, you can see a glowing green light emanating from the detective’s right hand when he’s on the left, according to the game.

Although this is not quite as groundbreaking as finding out my horse had been lying to me all these years, I always thought it was a strange misstep. I’ve seen some reasons why this is a silent nod to The Legend of Zelda and Link, who have the same pose, while others just think that telling right from left can sometimes be difficult. Either way, this adds to Dragon Age Inquisition’s strangely growing list of lies and wrongs, and I think it’s funny.


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