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How to get joke weapons in Fire Emblem Engage

Humor Weapons is a series staple at this point. Be it with the humor weapons that are in it Fire Emblem Fateor tree branch etc. in Fire Emblem AwakeningThey’ve been around for a while. Fire Emblem engagement No different. Those are already in the game. And it’s relatively easy to get, even if you have to place your bets on a bit of luck to get it. Here’s how to enter the joke weapons Fire Emblem engagement.

Fire Emblem engagement – Where are the joke weapons?

For humor weapons Fire Emblem engagementyou need to use the old well. If you don’t know how to use the old well, we have a guide on the matter. But in simple terms, all you have to do is place items to recover items. To get prank weapons from the old well, any star rating will be good, as there is a chance to undo any chance level.

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Screenshot by PC Invasion

What joke weapons are available

Joke weapons currently available in Fire Emblem engagement They are as follows:

  • Snapping Blade – sword
  • treats – Work crew
  • lolly shop – Axe
  • tiramistorm – to
  • Confectionknife – dagger
  • Scroll cake Arts weapon
  • whirlpool – Spear
  • Crossbo – Arch

With joke weapons, there is a weapon for every type of weapon in the game, so each of your units can use one weapon on the battlefield. These weapons are fun to use in combat, and they also have another purpose. It’s funny how these items, which are food based, can actually be ingested. That’s right, they are consumables. When you choose to consume these weapons, they should be incredibly tasty, as they restore HP to the user. Be careful, when you consume weapons, they disappear.

With all this information, we can only hope that you get the joke weapon you want from the old luck-based well in… Fire Emblem engagement. Good luck getting a tasty gun.

NB: For more information, check out Fire Emblem engagement Axis manual and features.

Fire Emblem engagement Available on the Nintendo Store.


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