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One Piece Chapter 1075 Spoilers, Reddit Leaks, Raw Scans, and Chapter Release Date

one piece-1075-spoilers

One Piece, as everyone knows, is one of the oldest manga series and is still one of the most popular even after two decades with more than millions of fans on a weekly basis. Recently, the story has given us some major changes, including how the devil fruits are born in the newer chapters, some of which have not only shaken the foundations of the story so far, but have also given us some new epic scenes. that we can’t wait. to see animated

Fans like you and I are excited to see what Oda Sensei is getting ready to reveal. So, in the rest of this article, we will bring you all the known and unknown information related to the One Piece Chapter 1075 spoilers and leaks. You’ll also find out its release date, if leaks are out, when spoilers and raw scans will be out, and much more about one of the most popular manga series of the modern era. Here are the most recent updates of the One Piece chapters.

One Piece manga 1075 Spoilers, Leaks and Raw Scans from Reddit and Twitter

  • one piece 1075 spoilers status: Not out yet (stay tuned to the official r/OnePiece subreddit and our website for the latest updates)

Currently, there are no One Piece chapter 1074 spoilers available yet. The leaks usually start appearing on Thursday on internet forums like 4chan, Reddit and Twitter.

Spoilers are expected to start appearing for Tuesday, February 15, 2023 while the raw scans and the full summary on Friday, February 19. There is a possibility that we will get early spoilers like last year during the new year. We will update the article with spoilers as soon as they appear online.

In the meantime, take a look at the preview of chapter 1075: “What awaits the Straw Hat Pirates in this changing world?

Update 2: spoilers are out:

  • Chapter 1075 Labo Phase Death Game
  • – Cover: Vegapunk meets the Five Elders
  • – Someone is destroying all the Den Den Mushi in the lab. Shaka can’t see what’s going on.
  • – The Straw Hat and Vegapunk clones form 4 groups. One of the groups is attacked by S-Snake.
  • – S-Bear and S-Hawk attack the Control Room. Shaka gives them the order to stop but it doesn’t work.
  • -Lucci and Kaku wake up and ask Luffy and Zoro to free them to fight together.
  • -by etenboby in worsegen
  • No rest next week.
  • And probably Jump cover and Color Spread for One Piece in chapter 1076 to celebrate the release of One Piece volume 105.
  • Someone asked Redon, “What has changed to make Lucci want to fight alongside Luffy?”
  • Redon- “That there are 2 fucking Seraphim attacking them and both he and Kaku can’t do anything being handcuffed with Kairouseki.”
  • -redon at worst
  • S-Snake attacks Franky’s group. Sanji is not in that group. (Not confirmed)
  • From TalkOP: Stussy, Sanji, and Jinbe are in the same group

Spoilers usually originate from Japan, where bookstore clerks leak the section of Shonen magazine they receive in advance to show it for sale. The employees take advantage of this and sell Raws for a bit of internet fame.

One Piece Chapter 1075 release date and time

Oda Eiichiro’s One Piece is published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump, where new chapters are released weekly every Sunday, which also features most popular Shonen manga like My Hero Academia, Black Clover, and Jujutsu Kaisen. One Piece Chapter 1075 will be released on Sunday, February 19, 2023 at 12:00 am JST.

The title of the chapter, as well as the number of pages are, so far, unknown.

release time

As for our international audience, here is when One Piece Chapter 1075 will be available to read on VIZ and MangaPlus:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM on Sunday
  • Central Time: 11 AM on Sunday
  • Eastern Time: Noon on Sunday
  • British time: 5pm on Sunday

Is the One Piece manga on hiatus this week?

Unfortunately, yes, the series is on hiatus this week and the chapter will be released as scheduled next Sunday unless there is a significant hiatus. Keep an eye on the countdown below to find out the exact time the chapter will drop.

Countdown to ch. 1075


One Piece Chapter 1075 Plot and Summaryand

One Piece 1075 Spoilers, Reddit Leaks, Raw Scans, and Chapter Release Date

The plot of One Piece Chapter 1075 is not known at the moment and it is expected to be released on Friday. That’s why we’re going to bring you a brief recap of one of the previous chapters so you can stick with what came before:

In Sphinx, Whitebeard’s hometown, people inform Marco that while he was away, Marines invaded trying to claim Whitebeard’s treasure, with some people calling the group no different from other pirates. The leader of the attack was Marine Captain Ratel, who showed no qualms about telling the Sphinx people that since they are not affiliated with the World Government, he would not hesitate to kill them all to claim Whitebeard’s treasure.

To prove his point, he tried to shoot an old woman who was speaking ill of him, but luckily, an unexpected savior in the form of Edward Weevil sent him flying.

Weevil’s phenomenal strength ensured that the invading Marines were forced to retreat, if only to wait for reinforcements to deal with him. Marco thanks Weevil for his actions when his mother, the original Miss Buckingham Stussy (now known as Miss Buckin), shows up and tells him that Admiral Ryokugyu was sent to help the Marines and as a result, Weevil ended up getting caught.

She tells Marco to rescue Weevil and find Whitebeard’s inheritance for her, but Marco’s tone suggests his doubt about Buckin’s claim that Weevil is Whitebeard’s son. This makes Buckin say that the only person who can confirm her words is none other than Dr. Vegapunk himself.

Where to read One Piece chapter 1075 online?

Once released in Japan, you can read the latest chapter for free on platforms like Viz Media, Shonen Jump, and MangaPlus in English and other supported languages.

Shonen Jump is owned by VIZ media, which is the official One Piece distributor in the US, while MangaPlus is operated by Shueisha. Between the two, I suggest you use the Shonen Jump app because they have better translations, page quality, and a simple UI.

you can also download VIZ Shonen Jump App either Mangaplus official application on your Android and IOS smartphones or just continue reading on their website.

We insist that you read the latest chapters through official sources rather than unofficial and illegal sites if you really want to support Oda and his team for their hard work and continuous efforts.

Well, that’s all for today. We will keep you informed about any news related to the next One Piece chapter. Also, be sure to check out the list of manhwa with 500+ chapters, 400+ chapters, 300+ chapters, and 200+ chapters.


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