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One Piece: Sun God Nika Explained!

One Piece keeps piling up mystery after mystery by introducing new characters or stories. Believe it or not, it keeps us asking for more. In the latest Wano Country arc, Eiichiro Oda introduced a new character who has found some answers (and new questions?). I’m talking about the infamous Sun God “Nika”.

The shocking revelation came during Jinbe’s battle against Who’s Who. This “God” of the Sun, Nika, was a legendary figure centuries ago, with no relevance to the current One Piece plot.

However, that is never the case with the series. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Sun God “Nika” will greatly influence the progress of the story.

Not only that, but there are also rumors that Luffy has some kind of mysterious connection to the Sun God. I’ll talk about this later in the article.

Read on to find out more about this mysterious legendary figure! Please note that the theories are speculative to some degree, based on the little evidence available to us. Read at your own discretion.

Who is the Sun God Nika?

From what we know so far, “Nika” is a legendary figure who was revered as a god by slaves centuries ago. However, his association with the Sun, as suggested by his name, the Sun God Nika, is still unclear.

People say that Nika was prophesied to free the slaves and bring smiles to people’s faces. As the legend became popular, slaves throughout the ancient world began to pray to her piously and hope for the freedom that Nika would bring them.

Legend had it that it would protect the slaves from anyone who would harm them. But Who is Who expressed that it is unknown if it was real or a ghost created from the dreams of the slaves of that time.

But whether or not it was real is of little importance, as the legend seems to run much deeper than meets the eye.

Who’s who was captured by the world government for failing to protect a devil fruit. There he heard about the legend from a prison guard and began to pray to Nika, hoping to escape from prison. She eventually escaped from the facility. Later, when he was fighting Jinbe, he talked about the Sun God.

who's who of one piece

Who’s who talks about Nika during her battle against Jinbe

But why did it take so long to meet such a legendary figure? It turns out that the The world government was trying to hide Nika’s existence. So it was almost impossible to know about something the government had tried so hard to hide. More on this later in the article.

However, evidence for this claim can be derived from when the guard who told Who’s Who about Nika mysteriously disappeared; hinting at the fact that the government is trying hard to keep the veil on the mystery of Nika.

Fun fact: the devil fruit that Who Couldn’t Protect was stolen by Shanks and it was none other than Gomu Gomu no Mi that Luffy consumed.

How are Nika and Luffy related?

Buckle up, because this revelation is going to throw you out of your saddle. Luffy and Nika share similarities to the point that it can be called the reincarnation of Luffy Nika. Yes. Luffy and Nika are related, but not by blood.

It is based more on the other aspects of their lives and personalities. For starters, Nika’s appearance in the cropped image shows that she may have had the same spindly, noodle-like limbs that Luffy has.

It was then revealed in the One Piece manga. Chapter 1044, that the devil fruit that Luffy possesses, Gomu Gomu no Mi, is actually a Hito Hito no Mi type Zoan, inspired by Nika. The world government is hell-bent on destroying the fruit because of its connection to Nika.

Gomu Gomu no Mi from one piece

Gomu Gomu no Mi stolen by the Red-Haired Pirates that Luffy eats

They even went so far as to change their name to Gomu Gomu no Mi to avoid unnecessary attention. Unfortunately for them, Luffy is the current owner of said devil fruit.

And if they want it, they will have to put up a big fight. Luffy is not going to make it easy for him. This could be one of the things that can be addressed in the final One Piece saga!

Fun fact: Luffy perfectly mirrors Nika’s legend of freeing the slaves. The rubber man may not have freed the slaves in the exact sense, but he has freed many cities and towns from various evil adversaries.

For example, he freed Cocoyashi Village from Arlong and Alabasta Kingdom from Crocodile and Baroque Works.

Now onto the next.

What is Sun God Nika’s connection to Skypiea?

I’m going to throw you another surprise. A certain sun god was mentioned during the Sky Island saga. and neither of us gave it much thought until much later. Strange as it may seem, it was 400 years ago, when Shandora and Jaya were one.

Back then, Shandora was facing a deadly curse and a dying priest suggested offering girls as sacrifices to make the curse go away.

Mousse, the daughter of the great Calgara warrior, mentions to her mother how she would meet the “Sun God” after her sacrifice. The young botanist Montblanc Noland managed to stop the sacrifice, earning slander from Shandia’s warriors.

Sky Island Saga One Piece Sun God Reference

Mousse, the daughter of Calgara, talks about meeting the sun god

Shandia warriors of 400 years ago worshiped the serpent Kishigami as the Sun God. But of course we still don’t know if Nika was somehow related to Skypiea.

However, Nika wore the same clothing as the Shandian warriors as seen in the silhouette. To find out more about Nika, we will have to wait for Oda to make more revelations.

Until then, stay tuned for more updates!


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