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The 12 Best Anime Series To Watch According To Your Zodiac Signs


The 12 best anime series to watch according to your zodiac signs: Zodiac signs are in fashion now and those who do everything according to zodiac signs want to connect everything with that sign. Anime lovers are also on the list and now anime fans also want to watch those animes that support their personality and zodiac signs. The animes that are on this list will suit you best according to your zodiac signs and will make you excited and connected to the anime. So here are some of the best anime that are based on your zodiac signs that you can watch.

Anime series Zodiac signs

Aries – Jujustsu Kaisen

If you are an Aries then you should be the one who is always angry and you don’t even try to hide it and this anime is the most suitable for you. Jujutsu Kaisen is a Shonen based anime that will blow your mind at some point, that is why this is number one on the anime list. The anime has everything you want Horror, action, love and everything that makes this anime worth watching.

Anime series Zodiac signs

Taurus- Attack on Titan

Full of mystery but someone who can explore fighting anime and Taurus can go for this anime. Shingeki No Kyujin or Attack on Titan is another one of the best anime of all time, so this anime should be on your list. Attack on Titan will suit the personality of a Taurus looking for anime hints based on his zodiac sign. No matter how they choose this anime will leave you with mixed feelings.

Anime series Zodiac signs

Gemini- My Hero Academia

Gemini is witty and wants to explore the new genre in action, so this anime is for you. With Deku’s quirks on the show, Geminis are bound to relate to him. Gemini minds move so fast that this show might be good for people in the Gemini zodiac sign.

Anime series Zodiac signs

Cancer -Sailor Moon

Cancer people are perfect examples of being patient and good. The anime is a shojo classic and one of the best in anime history. This anime offers everything these people want, be it intense drama or bittersweet romance. The show spends a lot of time focusing on emotions and “inner power”. This is something that all cancers can relate to on a fundamental level.

Anime series Zodiac signs

Leo – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis is one of the best shows as they are a perfect balance between fight scenes and love stories. The anime is set in a world where large robots fight each other to gain power. There are many twists and turns in the anime that Leo will definitely love, as these types of people are more into things that offer a change of story in each part.

Anime series Zodiac signs

Virgo – Food Wars (Signs of the Zodiac anime series)

Food Wars is another great show on the list, which seems too tidy and tense, but there are many aspects to the show. There are people in the anime who are literally shown as vegetables and fruits and come together to solve problems. This is a great series that embraces gender’s preconceived notions and expectations and challenges Virgo’s need for stability and predictability.

Anime series Zodiac signs

Libra – Spy X Family (Signs of the Zodiac anime series)

Libras love to use their brains, and nothing beats classic spy stories. Spy X Family has Twilight, a super spy who finds her family and enrolls them in prestigious schools to achieve her goals.

Makeshift families hide all their secrets from each other. Libra loves to see the characters come together as they try to reconcile their fake family life. The anime is one of the best shows today, so anyone can watch it.

Anime series Zodiac signs

Scorpio – Death Note (Signs of the Zodiac anime series)

Death Note is probably one of the best shows that are incredibly good. Scorpions are more inclined towards. The series has a perfect balance between supernatural activities and suspense, which makes it even better for the viewers. Scorpios are naturally drawn to intensity. There’s no denying that Death Note is top-notch. Deadly Notebook is full of mystical rules and traditions that bring great joy to Scorpios.

Anime series Zodiac signs

Sagittarius – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the ruling anime since it aired on TV. The anime is a perfect balance of Magic and Alchemy that Sagittarius people will love this anime.

The anime shows the story of brothers who accidentally do something that changes their lives forever and now they must find a way to reverse the things they did. Sagittarius enjoys building lush worlds and exploring the land next to him. Known for trying to patch things up, they watch Ark make his new world a better place that I look forward to.

Capricorn – Mob Psycho (Signs of the Zodiac anime series)

Mob Psycho is not another anime that is why Capricorn will love this anime because these people love to watch something that is out of the league. The anime is about a psychic high school boy.

who struggles to control his powers and stay out of trouble. But trouble follows him wherever he goes, what makes the anime worth watching is how he manages to get out of trouble.

Aquarium – Dr.Stone (Signs of the Zodiac anime series)

A series of incredible science fiction stories with educational elements such as how to generate electricity and how to build a primitive mobile phone. The concept is also intriguing for Aquarius,

while humanity must rebuild the world from scratch after a mysterious disease turns it to stone. Aquarius loves a challenge and this anime provides this. They are always curious and always study, so they watch anime like Doctor. Keeping Stone busy.

Pisces – Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime that is kind of a mix of a sad story filled with hard truths and life lessons. Pisces people are known for their watery aspects, and yet the anime shows bloody fights and scenes that some people may find disturbing. The melancholic portion of life shown in the anime is what brings the anime to life.

which is a perfect example of people with emotional stuff in them. These are some of the anime suggestions based on your zodiac signs and I hope you enjoy the anime on the list.

If even I have missed any important point on this topic, please kindly comment below so everyone can share. We will be happy to let us know about this in the comments. So write your comments below.

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