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The Umbrella Academy | Unexpected turns that lead nowhere

The Netflix series is one of the few that keeps viewers continuously subscribed to the platform considering its recent antics.

the umbrella academy is by far one of the best Netflix Originals the platform has been able to offer as quality content.

With characters that can control death, time, and people, and putting them in one big dysfunctional family, it’s sure to be a source of great entertainment.

However, the series comes with its own set of hiccups.

Of course, when it comes to having powers like time travel and resurrection, there are bound to be plot holes here and there.

Well, here are some of the major plot holes that never got explained within the series:

The convenient time paradox

group of friends dancing together

After the season one finale, everyone was left baffled as to what happened next.

What are the consequences of escaping a world-ending threat by traveling back in time to the 1960s?

Well, though we did get an answer back in season 2 of how everyone is dealing with the escape from Viktor’s doomsday stunt.

He never really answered the question of how they all exist at that time.

Due to time travel shenanigans, the apocalypse they had just escaped caught up with them and was set to happen in 1963.

We all understood that the apocalypse was dated due to Viktor traveling back in time with the rest of the academy.

But that doesn’t explain why they managed to escape being erased from existence considering their births took place in 1989.

Which means that they exist in a time before their parents could even give birth.

Let alone the fact that their parents are dead due to the apocalypse being set in the period before they could even be born.

Time travel or dimension jump?

some supernatural activity that happens inside a cabin

In a crucial sequence of the seven stagesepisode eight of the second season.

Tom Hopper’s character Luther and his brother Five confront an older version of Five and attempt to take his time traveling briefcase.

Although the show has kept viewers on their toes, some viewers have been perplexed by the lack of continuity in the encounters between the two Five and time travel in general.

In the climactic episode of season two, Five uses his time travel abilities seconds before Kate Walsh’s character Handler murders his brothers.

However, according to the rules that the show itself has created, time travel creates another version of yourself from the original timeline as you travel through time.

Which means there should be a Five that exists right before he witnesses his brothers being murdered.

While watching as other Five appear.

Instead, Five remains a singular character without creating alternate time versions of himself while traveling through time.

This could only mean that Five just learned how to time travel properly and was jumping between different parallel dimensions with a similar timeline before this or that the writers simply forgot about the rule the show had created for itself.

Why does Grace exist in the Sparrow universe?

The robot caretaker, Grace

Reginald Hargreeves created a robot named Grace to act as the primary caretaker and foster mother for the seven children.

This concept was directly inspired by the comics, where the mother frequently mentions the need to put on her limbs before going out in public.

However, Netflix the umbrella academy he broke away from the comics in the destruction of The Umbrella Academy in season 1 that resulted in the death of the robot Grace.

This is where things start to go off the rails: the season 2 reveal that the robot was based on a Grace Reginald Hargreeves he knew in the 1960s changes the entire reason for its existence for its appearance in season 3.

As the original academy needed Grace to be created, Viktor was constantly taking out the human babysitters with his powers.

The Sparrow Academy doesn’t have a single member like him in that regard. Let alone the fact that the Sparrow Academy has names.

Considering that’s something Grace from the original timeline did for the Umbrella Academy.

Another convenient time paradox

An older looking Five talking to a younger version of himself as Luther watches

In order to return their family to 2019, Five and Luther need Five’s old-looking briefcase.

However, due to paradoxical psychosis and their normal predisposition to resolve conflicts through violence, both Five hatch a plan to murder the other.

Finally, Five, who looks like a teenager, opens the portal and Luther pushes Five, who looks older, through it.

According to the teenage-looking Five theory, this should prevent a hypothetical paradox in which a different version of Five still visited the Academy in 2019 to stop that apocalypse, just like the teenage-looking Five did in season one. .

The Five in 1960s Dallas can continue to exist as long as a version of them exists in that time period.

However, the version that they would be sent back to what is supposed to be the original timeline would also have knowledge of what will happen.

Unless Five knows how to erase or manipulate memories by sending himself into portals, the older version of Five would already know that Viktor would be the cause behind the first apocalypse and could easily prevent the whole situation from going off the rails in the first place.

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