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Tomo-chan is a girl! [Anime Impression]

Jun is a typical RomCom male character, but a bit more dense. In most RomCom anime, there is a lack of progress in the main couple’s relationship, favoring the chase over the bottom line, and Tomo-chan is a girl! It’s interesting in the way this formula changes. Usually, ignorance on both sides results in misunderstandings, miscommunication, and conflicts due to feelings not being properly reciprocated, but Tomo-chan throws this out the window on one side of the couple with Tomo clearly declaring his love. by Jun despite his complete ignorance.

This creates a sense of frustration for the audience, in a good way, as Jun’s ignorance is hilarious from the start, being completely ignorant of how his actions make Tomo feel, for example when he casually puts his arm around her. her from behind and surprises her. blush. There is a lot of room for comedy in this series and we hope that Jun’s ignorance will play such a big role in the future.


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