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Wanted: Dead – How to unlock easy mode

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It’s not always fun to retry checkpoints only to die in the last part and have to go back to the beginning each time. Wanted alive It can look very difficult in some locations, but it actually has an easy mode. But in reality, it’s easier said than done to use it, and there are some caveats. Most importantly, you can actually miss out on switching to it permanently for a save, so if you ever find yourself too deep in the game, this save will end up being that difficult. We’ll break down what you need to do to get into easy mode without a problem.

The best way to play Wanted alive Easy mode can be found in the first level of the game. On your fifth death, Doc will try to revive you as usual. But the game will give you the option to switch to neko-chan mode. But the important thing is that if you don’t agree with this, then it will be never appear again. This is a strange decision, because it’s a very big choice to make so early on. Plus, if you switch to this difficulty, there’s no going back. This is the only way to switch to easy mode Wanted alive in a file you already started.

How to open easy mode in Wanted alive

If you prefer to do this outside of the game, there is a way to access it. While on the title screen, use the directional pad and press up, down, down, left, left, right, right. If you did it right, you will hear a beep and you can now start a new game in neko-chan mode. This mod gives stone cat ears and makes the game much easier. It’s a shame you can’t switch difficulties quickly, however Wanted aliveThe game design has the distinction of acting like it’s the early 2000s, so I suppose it has a certain kind of meaning.

Dead Easy Mode 2 required

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