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What happens if you use Depulso on cats in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. But curiosity killed the cat: what happens if you try to use Depulso, the spell that hurls enemies into the air, on one of the different cats found around populated areas in Hogwarts Legacy? Accidentally using a spell or a dangerous plant on an entity is a mistake anyone can make, and there aren’t many spells that work on living beings that aren’t enemies. But is Depulso? Does it have a significant effect on cats? Let’s find out what happens if you use Depulso on cats Hogwarts Legacy.

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So, what happens when Depulso is used on cats?


What happens if you use Depulso on the cats at Hogwarts Legacy?  clarification

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The answer: nothing really. The cat flies and then runs away.

What happens if you use Depulso on the cats at Hogwarts Legacy?  outcome

Gif by PC Invasion

The cat appears to be fine after running away from the player, thankfully, and acts as if nothing happened if you just give it a moment to relax. This is also the case with the use of most offensive spells – they are thrown into the air but they escape unaffected. Incendio can briefly set them on fire, but they won’t react to it. It seems that these cats are actually indestructible. You can also use Levioso on cats, it has the same effect on beasts. The cats will simply float and swim with their paws in the air.

Don’t worry, you can’t hurt any of the feline companions Hogwarts Legacy using Depulso. or anything else for that matter. Satisfaction returned them.

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